Thursday, August 22, 2013

iPads In The Classroom

September is an exciting time at Buchanan School! Not only is it the beginning of a fresh new school year with new friends, sparkling school supplies and stories of summer adventures, it is also a when our school begins its journey with iPads. All St. James-Assiniboia Elementary Schools will be using iPads in the classroom to discover, learn and create various ways to share learning. iPads will be used to support student learning.  Students and teachers will be  working together to teach and learn about safe and responsible ways to use the Internet and social media.

Teachers can highlight learning through classroom blogs, Instagram, Twitter and the school has a YouTube channel,   to update announcements and to highlight learning that is happening in our school.  Our school has its monthly newsletter online and we also use this blog,  to highlight events happening at our school. It’s an exciting time for parents, student and teachers to share what is happening during the day at Buchanan School.
This is an exciting adventure as students and teachers work together with the iPads; opening a new window to learning.  We encourage families to ask classroom teachers how students will be sharing their learning and to recommend any apps you use at home that you might find useful for the students of Buchanan School.  Please stop by the office or your child’s classroom if you have any questions.

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